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Cafe Alpin

our story


Coffee and skiing have always been our passion. That is why we decided to combine skiing in the most beautiful resorts in the Alps with the highest quality Italian coffee. This is where the story of Café Alpin begins.

We offer delicious coffee, traditional Italian hot chocolate and the finest English tea within the area of the ski lifts to bring a smile to the faces of our customers. Imagine your day in the beautiful Alps, an early start with a sun rise... How else would you begin it rather than with a coffee on arrival to the ski lift. 

Skiing is magical. And the Alps are where the magic happens. Our brand is designed to bring magic and to make your skiing, hiking, mountain biking experience extraordinary.

Café Alpin blue mobile coffee cars Piaggio Ape with an Alpine style are produced by international designers in Italy. They are placed in the most convenient locations within a few meters of the ski lifts. Our busy customers carrying their skiing or other mountain equipment do not need to search for us. We come to serve them.



making something ORDINAry extraordinary

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Coffee Specialists

coffee REVOLUTION in france


Quality Coffee

Qualité est notre verité. Café Alpin coffee experts chose the highest quality coffee from Italy. We bring them carefully through the Alps to the ski resorts and other locations in France. We take our time to choose only the best products to satisfy our customers. There is no comprising when it comes to quality. This is why our coffee is revolutionary in the French market.

Master Baristas

Our coffee baristas come from all over the world bringing their wisdom and international experience from Italy, London and Sydney - masters of the finest coffee. Every country has its own little twist in coffee preparation and only by combining all of them together, we are able to create an extraordinary final product.

Café Alpin's barista team is trained by a Master Barista in Italy in the famous Coffee Academy. 



 Extraordinary Experience

Every single coffee that our baristas prepare is made with love and passion. They put their heart into it and take their time to prepare every drink. We will only serve a perfect cup of coffee to our clients. It has to be the highest quality. It has to be extraordinary. 

Using our magical "snow white" cups in Alpine style, with a delicious coffee, tea or hot chocolate, we are creating a memorable experience for our clients.

Spend it well

Most of Café Alpin customers are passionate skiers, snowboarders and mountaineers. They love climbing, hiking, mountain biking in summer, skiing and snowboarding in winter. The Alps offer so many opportunities. It is an extraordinary lifestyle and place.

No matter which sport you choose, Café Alpin is there to drive you. To give you more energy and help you to push for more, to reach to the highest targets, the highest peaks. 




• other locations coming soon



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Be A Part





We are looking for English speaking full time  baristas with a few years experience to manage Café Alpin coffee cars. French or other languages will be an asset. Competitive salary and assistance with accomodation.

Starting date: November 2017

For more details, please contact us on


Sales Assistant

We are looking for charming Sales Assistants for Café Alpin coffee cars to support our baristas and provide great customer service. French or English speaking. Competitive salary and assistance with accomodation.

Starting date: November 2017

For more details, please contact us on


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Adventures of Cafe Alpin




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Say Hello



Café Alpin is based in Chamonix from December 2017 at the bottom of ski lifts: Flégère, Brevant and soon other locations.


Email us at